Take social media to the next level to grow your business online

The most successful entrepreneurs and businesses are constantly learning and updating their skills and processes. There are always new social media techniques, new competitors entering the market, and new digital marketing strategies you and your team need to be ready to implement. This course will help you learn to plan, build, publish, promote and measure your success in social media as a key component of building your business online.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Social Media Planning

    • Social Media Planning - Overview

    • Lesson 1: Social Planning - Goals

    • Social Media Goals Worksheet

    • Lesson 2: Social Planning - Target Market

    • Social Media Target Market Worksheet

    • Lesson 3: Social Planning - Brand Messaging

    • Social Media Brand Messaging Worksheet

    • Social Media Planning Quiz

  • 3

    Social Media Set-Up

    • Lesson 1: Social Media Set-Up

  • 4

    Social Media Posting

    • Lesson 1: Social Media Posting

    • Social Media Posting Quick Guides

    • Social Media Posting Quiz

  • 5

    Social Media Boosting

    • Lesson 1: Boosting Posts

    • Social Media Boosting Worksheet

  • 6

    Social Engagement

    • Lesson 1: Social Media Engagement

    • Social Media Engagement Worksheet

    • Social Media Engagement Quiz

  • 7

    Measuring Success

    • Lesson 1: Measuring Success

  • 8

    Roll-Out Plan

    • Roll-Out Plan - Overview

    • Lesson 1: Roll-Out Plan

    • Roll-Out Plan Worksheet

  • 9

    Avoiding Common Mistakes

    • Lesson 1: Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • 10

    Wrap Up

    • Wrap Up


Founder and Senior Instructor

Brent Purves

Brent Purves is the founder of National Digital Academy. Brent also founded and managed Stir Marketing, a successful Canadian digital marketing agency, for 20 years. He has worked with hundreds of individuals and businesses from over 14 countries, helping them plan, build, and implement digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses online.

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Learn to plan and build your social media presence across all leading social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


  • Who should take this online course?

    Students take the Intro to Social Media for Business Growth online course for a wide variety of reasons. They come from diverse backgrounds, age groups and professions. By taking this digital marketing course you can: improve your digital marketing knowledge, experience and abilities, further your education, bolster your resume, prepare for a career advancement or role change, and take control of your company’s own social media marketing. Whatever your reason for taking internet marketing training online, you’ll be free to work and study when and where you like 24/7 365.