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Learn how to become a LinkedIn authority for your industry

Learn how to build your brand, grow your network, deliver content, drive targeted website traffic, and increase leads through strategic LinkedIn posting best practices. Let National Digital Academy give you the overview you need (of best practices, pages, posting, paid content and more) to become a thought leader in your industry.

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This course is a great fit for all business types — brand-new or established, small- and medium-sized, B2B or B2C, online or brick-and-mortar, and those with no LinkedIn presence or one that needs work. We’ll learn: * LinkedIn Company and Showcase Page Best Practices * LinkedIn Posting Best Practices (including photos/videos) * LinkedIn Audience Targeting * LinkedIn Sponsored Posts, * and more.


Founder and Senior Instructor

Brent Purves

Brent Purves is the founder of National Digital Academy. Brent also founded and managed Stir Marketing, a successful Canadian digital marketing agency, for 20 years. He has worked with hundreds of individuals and businesses from over 14 countries, helping them plan, build, and implement digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses online.

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If you or your small business needs to build brand awareness, grow your network, deliver content, drive website traffic, and increase leads then LinkedIn is a great place to be. Learn best practices for LinkedIn posting, paid content and more.